“Rookie” and “CEO” What’s one got to do with the other?

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Is it…….Is this it? No. No…. Let’s not jinx it. Is this really it? Is this the year that I start running this company versus it running me?  Yes? yES? YES!! I THINK THIS IS IT!

It sure felt that way for the first two and a half months of 2020. We had grown our sales by almost 70% compared to the same period the previous year.

But more importantly, we had grown our team by 30%, adding on several key individuals in support roles including a very talented Chief of Staff whose job description was simply “do everything I currently do, so that I can do the things I am supposed to do.”

Then COVID….

For better or worse, isn’t that the story of almost every company this year? For us, the repercussions of COVID were, shall we say, NOT mild, and they continue to reverberate within our company in profound ways. Birthed during this time though, was an idea to share some of my “in the trenches” writings compiled over a few years in the role.  

Rookie and CEO – Two words that don’t go together.

I am a CEO. Yes. I am early in my journey. Yes. But this has become about more than just those things.

Experiences First, Expertise Second.

When I read the “go to” publications that people in my role are supposed to read (you know the ones I’m referring to), I sometimes feel a certain distance from the reality I’m living as the leader of a company. I know I am not alone in this. The distance typically manifests itself in missed opportunity to connect humanly, emotionally and overlooks the subtle contours of an incredibly complex journey.

More importantly, the knowledge packaged by these “authorities” can sometimes minimize the role that experiences, good or bad, play in building expertise.  So, this is about just sharing experiences in an unfiltered way before they become relics of faulty memories. You draw conclusions for your own journey.

Success is relative. Success is ongoing.

In a conversation with one of my mentors, he shared a story about being asked to speak impromptu to a room that included a few self-made billionaires. He had that feeling of “are you sure you want me to speak? But they are bi….” He is incredibly successful in his own right. But still the thought of “what could they learn from me” crossed his mind. 

The truth of the matter is wherever you are on your journey,  there is always someone ahead or behind you. Your experiences still should be celebrated because their utility to others could be priceless. 

Tips and tricks are great. But context matters.

“The 7 steps to building culture”, “The 5 tips to start your day”, “3 ways to start a team meeting”. These are great especially because I can always get Alexa or Siri to pull them up and read them to me on my commute from the bathroom to my zoom meeting upstairs.

But how do I get those tips to stick and become part of the way I live and work? I think storytelling provides the context that will increase the effectiveness of the tips and tricks we use in our lives and careers.

Ok. Enough of this. Let’s get to the fun part. You want to learn about “The Strip Club Customer Acquisition strategy”? Or about “my two babies born 10 days apart – from different moms?”

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I look forward to having you all on this journey.

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