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We don’t project phony competence. We are willing to be vulnerable, we are always learning and we believe that every person around us is better in at least one thing than we are. It’s our job to cede the spotlight to them.

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CEOs that recognize that getting to the role isn’t a destination. It’s the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and impact. We are trying to figure it out while helping those who aspire to the role get there.

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Aspiring CEOs in search of the real scoop. We want an insider’s view on what it takes to be successful as we offer our experiences to help solve real challenges of CEOs in our community.


Students who know that the frameworks we learn in school never work quite in the same way in the real world.

Ayo Phillips

Rookie CEO

My story is typical of many first-generation Americans. In 2000, I arrived in small town Ohio seeking opportunity that many before me have experienced. 

I became CEO for the first time 3 years ago. In the early days I felt like a drunk stumbling into big problems and their unexpected solutions. I feel less so now.

For about 50 people what we do provides their primary income source. I feel the weight of that daily.

I have three college degrees. They’ve opened some major doors. But 90% of the time they feel useless in this job.

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