Entertaining Stories from my life as a 1st-time Small business CEO

These are the insider stories that happen before they turn into those  cliche quotes about success. 

"Rookie" and "CEO" = Two words that don’t go together.


Ayo Phillips

Rookie CEO

My story is typical of many first-generation Americans. In 2000, I arrived in small town Ohio seeking the promise of the opportunity that life in America provides

3 years ago, I became CEO for the first time. In the early days I felt like a drunk stumbling into big problems and their unexpected solutions. I feel less so now.

For about 60 people what we do provides their primary income source. I feel the weight of that daily.

I have three college degrees. They’ve opened some major doors. But 90% of the time they feel useless in this job.

Enjoy the Stories. Draw Conclusions for your journey

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